Sunday, 1 May 2011

Manchester United Preview

It doesn't seem like we're playing United today.

Usually theres a buzz and an extensive excited build up around these games but there is none today. Just a painful lulling deep down that this could should have been the title deciding game and one which we would have remembered for being the defining moment of our first trophy in 6 years.

Well maybe that last part is a bit too dreamy, but the fact stands that this should have been a much bigger game than it is now.

It is highly likely that United, as they have done in recent years, will easily turn us over by scoring three goals on the break. Knowing this team though, we are just as likely to start clicking and produce an amazing performance - just a bit too late though.

Diaby is out, and i reckon the team will be like this:
Szczesny Clichy Djourou Koscielny Sagna Wilshere Song Cesc Nasri Walcott VanPersie

That team is better than the one we played against - and beat - Barcelona with (Sagna in for Eboue) so we know what they can do, but it is also the same team which abysmally lost to Bolton last week, so we know what else they can do.

In other news, probably our most consistent player, Bacary Sagan has spoken out about how the players are to blame for this season capitulation.
"It's embarrassing to be part of a team that hasn't won a trophy for six years. We failed. It's not the manager's fault, it's the players."
He definitely has a point, and I hope the players realise this because they do owe the fans something, and preferably something shiny and silver and not the Emirates cup.

Anyway, sorry for the shortness of the post as I am now off to the game. Hopefully i'll return with a smile on my face, which will last for a couple of hours. Come on you Gooners!

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