Tuesday, 3 May 2011

What difference a win makes

What a difference a win makes.

The amazing performance on Sunday was not only a well overdue win against our rivals but another example that, on our day, we can beat anyone. What makes it even more impressive was that we managed to do it without our midfield maestro of Cesc Fabregas. People may say that we caught the 'champions elect' (probably) on an off-day but honestly I fell that we were the reason for United's lackluster play. Anyway, this is an Arsenal podcast and I am commenting on Arsenal and not Manchester United.

Despite this performance though, it really does have to be seen as too little, too late. This was our title for the taking, and we probably should have comfortably won the championship by now, not be in third place a full six points behind a team we just beat.

A few of the players echo this view too, and you can sense the frustration at our seasons' misgivings amongst the Fans, Players and Manager. Van Persie said:
"If you look back at a couple of games this year, like Sunday or against Chelsea, we didn't let these big games count because we dropped points against other teams. It makes it very frustrating,"
In a more upbeat mood though is Aaron Ramsey who seems to just be getting back in form, and full fitness ready for next season. Sunday's performance reminded us how good he is and he is still not even at his best.
"Scoring the goal was a special moment for me. This was worth the wait and so many people have helped me through the tough time I had, Hopefully this will give them the same satisfaction as it does me." 
"After these remaining games, hopefully I can come back and have a good pre-season, and then go again next year."
Aaron will probably keep his starting place against Stoke on Sunday in a game which will be very emotional for him, as he revisits the ground where that twat Shawcross broke his leg. I really hope he continues his good form and scores six as Shawcross is left dazed in his brilliance.

Another twat is Stuart Pearce, who annoying included Jack Wilshere in his 40 man provisional squad. Firstly, why does he need to make a 'provisional' squad of 40 players, is he that stupid that he needs a list in the newspaper to remind him what players he can choose from? 

But mainly, Why include Wilshere? After his first full season, the best thing he can do is rest over the summer, not carry on playing. The main thing that highlights the fact that Jack shouldn't be included is the example of Theo Walcott, who suffered a whole season full of injuries when asked to play in the same tournament two years ago!

Moving on to some transfers, and over the summer I will try to keep you updated with the latest transfer news.

Today we have been linked with mainly premiership players, from Elmander at Bolton to the Blackburn duo of N'zonzi and Phil Jones. All players are decent, but probably unlikely targets, and not the players that would take the club to the next level. 

Lastly, Arsenal have announced a rise in ticket prices for next season but 6.5%, much higher than inflation. A move which has angered the AST and will probably hurt fans too.

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