Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ticket Prices, Wilshere and Transfer Rumours

Lot of reaction today to ticket prices and Wilshere's call up.

As mentioned yesterday the 6.5% ticket price hike is a terrible injustice to 'real' Arsenal fans. As mentioned on Sky Sports today, we still have the most expensive ticket sin England, with our cheapest ticket more expensive than United's most expensive. Ridiculous!

In defence of the board, you could say that we have not raised tickets for the last three years, and have a new stadium to pay for. Also, this new money can go towards fund to sign quality players. But for most fans, lack of a trophy in this Stadium really isn't helping us swallow the blow - neither is the new Arsenal player available to all members. However, if we did reinvest this money into the team then i'm sure a lot of this will be forgotten.

Meanwhile Stuart Pearce has defended himself over picking Jack Wilshere:
"I had a conversation with Jack a month ago and asked him: 'You've played a lot of games, what are your thoughts on the summer?' He wants to go because he likes playing for the Under-21s. So it would be hard for me to turn around to him and say: 'Have a rest, son'."
 For me that fact of the matter is that Jack is still very young, and needs to get good advice from the people around him. Arsene Wenger will certainly give him some great words of wisdom,  But at international level I highly doubt that Stuart Pearce and Capello's 'crew' who if are anything like Capello himself, are very good at all.


In Today's transfer news, we have been linked with a few bigger names. Karim Benzema is someone any Arsenal fan would welcome with open arms, and even though a 25million euro bid is very un-Wengerish, it could be plausible.

Also, the man whose name is on everyone's lips, Manuel Neuer has been linked with our team, due to the influence of Jens Lehmann. This is probably less plausible as Wenger seems to be happy with Szczesny and Fabianski but, as with Reina last year, the Boss is keep to snap up world class players if he sees the opportunity.

I wholeheartedly agree with that opinion as I think Szczesny has been great in his first full season and seems detined to be number 1 at a top club for the next 15 years - at least. However, if Reina, Neuer or any other world class keeper is available at a good price then I wouldn't be complaining if we got them, only if it meant we ignored the more pressing matters in other areas of the pitch such as Cb St and Cm.

For a good read, A great review of the Youth team is available at Young Guns Blog here. And also a few videos from Arsenal's website on Loans, the Youth System and Ken Friar - the Club's longest serving director and one of the main reasons behind the new stadium - talking about his greatest Arsenal moments.

Finally, I leave you with this. And a happy birthday to our captain Cesc!

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