Sunday, 22 May 2011

Glad to see the back of this season...

I try to be positive as a supporter and have refrained from ranting about poor team performances - of which there have been a few of - or poor player performances, or lack of activity in the transfer market. However, in the last few weeks, there has been nothing positive about Arsenal football club. In the past few months, only the United game has been slightly positive, and since 2011 has begun the only memorable wins have been against Barcelona and Manchester United. Incidentally the two teams which are about to compete in the biggest game in the world on Saturday. 

Today we scraped to a 2-2 draw against 10 man Fulham. They scored first as we hopelessly gave the ball away. They split our defenceand ex-gooner Steve Sidwell finished off in the box through Szczesny's legs. Three minutes later, the seemingly irreplaceable Robin Van Persie expertly finished off. It was another landmark goal, adding to his consecutive goals in away goals. It also meant the Dutchman also equalled the record of 18 goals scored in a season from 1 January onwards held by Thierry Henry and Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the second half we carried on form the first half, not doing much at all, until more terrible defending led to us giving Zamora a free header in the six yard box. 2-1 Fulham. Shortly after, Gera was sent off for a terrible two footed tackle on Vermaelen but still things didn't really change. Finally though, before we had yet another embarrassing defeat, Theo Walcott picked the ball up sprinted into the area and drilled the ball into the bottom corner. A great goal, in a not so great match. The draw was compounded by the fact that City beat Bolton means that we finished the season in 4th place. Not only dropping one place and having to play qualifiers for the group stage, but finishing 7 points behind last years total.

All of this in a season where we supposedly progressed. I doubt theres any graphic you could find to try and prove that. We have slightly improved against the big teams, the wins against United, Chelsea and Barcelona were immense displays by our players and should have inspired them to go on and win trophies. Yet we still capitulated at the worst moments.

The reason my report on todays game was so brief, was because the game just drifted by as a formality and the goals were the only slightly memorable moments. Bluntly, we should have battered Fulham today and given our amazing away support something to cheer about but more than half the players didn't look up for it, and that is an understatement. Even when Walcott scored, instead of going for a third the players walked about disinterested and even looked on dumbfounded that Theo cared enough to celebrate his good goal.

Anyway, I know i'm not the only one who is more than glad to see the back of this wretched season. I'm sure many of you gooners are also glad to see the back of Birmigham City as they were relegated. I hope they enjoy Championship football. However I doubt any are reading but I offer my condolences to Blackpool and hope they come up next year, preferably at Stoke's expense!

In other news, after Wenger saying Wilshere has been included in Stuart Pearce's squad for the u-21's the squad has still yet to be announced. There is even rumours that Jack has not been included, or has pulled out over fear of burnout. Burnout which would inevitably happen if he did go to the competition and which I think he is even starting to suffer at the moment judging by the last few games.

In transfer news, or what I should call Journalistsmakingupstuffandprintingitontheirbackpageswhenit'snotgoingtohappen news we are now favorite to sign Scott Parker from relegated West Ham. We are also in a 'bidding war' over Gary Cahil, although I doubt we'll pay 17million for a player we can get for free next year. 

We are also rumoured to have brought in our first signing of the summer with 23 year old Argentinian attacking midfielder Ricardo Alvarez on a free transfer. I could not say whether there is any truth whatsoever on this story, though considering he is apparently 6'2" it does seem unlikely.

In news on departures. Denilson has stated he wants to leave. The only suprising thing about this was that it was his choice to leave and not that Wenger has banned him from the Emirates. However he wont have on a good note with fans after saying such ludicrous things such as this:
"I am a winner and I came here to win trophies but I've been here for five years and won nothing."
 The Nasri and Clichy deals still seem to be undecided or hopefully just unsigned, and any news on other players will probably wait at least a few weeks. We can also expect the Fabregas to Barcelona rumours to start up as soon as there are no good stories for them, thats assuming you don;t think they have already started. But personally I think any rumour of Cesc to Man City, AC Milan or Real Madrid is complete and utter bullshit and our Captain will only move to Barcelona when they finally offer what he is worth instead of faffing around and bidding 35 million.

Anyway I have just about said all I would like to say, and have probably bored half of you to death who read this. Expect more to come on the summary of our season soon.

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