Monday, 16 May 2011

Just when it couldn't get any worse....

I'll start with the good news; Pat Rice looks like he'll sign on for another year and Kyle Bartley collected a league winners medal. That is all.

Onto the bad news. We are the only team capable of finishing the season so badly. We should have finished first, not second, certainly not third, but now we're probably - bar an unlikely City slip up vs Stoke or Bolton - going to finish fourth. Yes fourth. Dropping 1 place from last year and with at least 5 points less that we managed to achieve in 38 games last season. Improvement?

Considering in the past few weeks we managed to lose against Stoke and Bolton, the possibility of City dropping points is unlikely, although not unachievable. We'll be ever so lucky to not have to face the dreaded playoff to get in the CL group stage.

The game yesterday was appalling. One of the worst days I've had as a fan and one that I will be trying to forget for a while. We managed to go 2-0 down in the first 15 minutes and then never looked like getting back on level terms. There was barely any passion or desire - something that even when we were crap we always had. We can blame the ref, who made about 5 match defining calls against us, and they were all wrong, but overall we lost, and it was a game we never looked like winning. In the end, Van Persie's 89th minute meant little else than adding to his 20 previous this season. Without his goals, we probably would be in a completely different crisis of not even qualifying for any European competition. A Tottenham-like situation and something we haven't and hopefully won't ever experience under Arsene Wenger.

Van Persie, Vermaelen and Szczesny has all tried show the fans a bit of an apology, and have stated that we must improve for next season, and learn from our (many) mistakes made this season.

Everyone can try and pinpoint the actual moment that we blew it, the Newcastle game, The Carling cup final, even the unjust defeat in the Nou Camp, the Liverpool game was yet another moment of complete madness. All in all, these mini crises built up to end in a disaster and one that even Wenger cannot ignore. We will have to open the chequebook bigtime this summer and sign some Bigname players too, and that means big money deals.

Moving on from yet more analysis of this end of season capitulation and there has been some transfer news. The Benzema rumour seems to be ended for now, his agent has completely played down any talk of a move away from Madrid, saying:
 'At no moment has Benzema thought about leaving Real Madrid. He has not asked me to negotiate with any club. Karim only wants to continue at Madrid and build on his recent good performances.' 
However, you could say that he is only trying to earn a bit more money for Madrid and the player himself.

We have also been linked to two Lorient players, the 5'7" forward Gameiro and the midfielder Amalfitano. Both players have had good seasons and Gameiro would be available at around £12million, with Amalfitano on a free transfer. Gameiro - a French international - has 21 goals in 34 games, whilst Amalfitano has 5 goals and 10 assits in his 36 games.

In, what I think would be a great move, Scott Parker of the now relegated West Ham has also been linked with a move to the Arsenal. We would have to face stiff competition from many teams for his signature, but he would be just what we need. Desire, Leadership, Premiership Experience and a true Battler. Moreover, he is probably the best tackler out of all Premierleague midfielders. 

We'll win the league next year so keep the faith!

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