Saturday, 30 April 2011

Week round up

Another quiet week at Arsenal Football Club.

Wenger finally broke his silence in his Friday press conference, and stated the obvious in the fact that the Carling Cup was a turning point in our season:
"Since we lost in the Carling Cup, everything has turned a little bit against us."
It is a good point, but to be honest i think there have been many more turning points this season, from the defeat at the Nou Camp where we didn't have a single shot on goal. Which must have affected a team which has 60-70% possession in every game and countless shots.

The 4-4 at Newcastle was probably a massive turning point, as since then any lead we hold can be cut down, any lead. No team in the history of the Premier League has ever let a four goal lead slip, and look at the leads we've let slip since.

He also cited that the captaincy has been a burden on Cesc this season:
"It is too much for him at his age. I believe so,"
This coincides with the calls for leadership, as it is something we have lacked this season, and in past seasons. I'm not saying Cesc shouldn't be captain, but we just need more leaders around him. Vermaelen has been missed a lot this season, not only for his defensive abilities but also his natural leadership. However he doesn't seem to be changing the captaincy any time soon:
"Every difficulty in life will make you stronger, especially when you have a strong character, and Cesc is a strong character."
 The Boss also said that he will be bringing in more experience this summer, which is needed, but we need quality players with experience i.e no more Sylvestre's. Lee Dixon also points to the Leadership issue 

In other news this week, Vermaelen came through a reserve game against Manchester United unscathed, it was his first game since September so whilst he says he's ready, i'm sure Arsene will take things slowly with the Verminator.

Young Goalkeeper James Shea made a fantastic save in the game, which you can see here.

And Finally, The Emirates Cup lineup has been announced and we have games against Boca Juniours, and Thierry Henry's Red Bulls. Also competing are Paris Saint-Germain in what looks an interesting line-up.

Anyway, United tomorrow, and United preview blog in the morning. Come on you Gooners!

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