Saturday, 9 April 2011

Wenger Fights Back, Arsenal to do the same?

Only one day till the Blackpool game now and after one win in seven, time must be upon us to bounce back with a win. Against Blackpool, we have every chance to do this too. 

However they will not roll over as they did in the return game and, as we have learnt in recent years, teams in the relegation dogfight really do fight until the very last whistle.

Fight does seem to be the word of the day, as Wenger ended his midweek media break and came out with a very memorable press-conference. The Boss was in a defiant mood, and was verging on anger when this season was reffered to as a 'disaster'.
"We've done well for our age as we're second in the league. Is that a disaster for you? There are teams who invest ten times more than us, one player cost more than the whole team and they're behind us. I don't understand the way people think."
I know  growing number of fans are becoming disillusioned with The Boss, but I am not one of them, i prefer to revel in the success he has brought us and good changes he continues to do to our club day in, day out. 

Sure I will be disappointed if when we end this season empty handed AGAIN, but we have progressed again this year, and hopefully in the summer we can progress even more with new signings and a small clear-out of the deadwood. Hopefully I am not alone in rejoicing in his comments about staying:

"I don't think about leaving. I love this club and do the maximum for them. I don't think like that."
What people do not realise is the amount of influence he has on the signings here and that without him, half of our current squad would probably leave too, not to mention the lack of players we would be able to attract. Peter Hill-Wood agrees too after branding Arsenal fans who question Arsène Wenger as "stupid" and going on the question the role of the AST.
On to tomorrow, and if looks as if August's hero, will have to face a late fitness test ahead of the game due to a recurrence of his ankle problem. Sagna has a "problem" whilst Alex Song too is out, The good news is that Cesc is ready to start and will add some much needed attacking guile to the team that we have lacked in recent weeks.
Bendtner is the latest player to have the duty of rallying the team and goes all Xavi on us saying that the players must show "the DNA of Champions."
Whilst i strongly condemn any talk of DNA in football I do hope that we go out with a tantalizing performance tomorrow and get 3 points. I for one am praying for Fulham to do us the most unlikely of favors today too against a Rooney-less United.

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