Friday, 19 August 2011

Make or Break

A crucial time has now approached the club we love. Arsenal appears to be at a crossroads, and the action taken at this moment will likely influence their fortunes for many seasons to come.

We have gone through the last 6 season trophy less with many big stars leaving the club, starting with Viera to more recently Fabregas. Where does that leave the club? Arsenal are now left with, well mostly, a bunch of youngsters. 

Over the last few years Wenger has urged fans to be patient; telling fans our time will come again while developing young players through the system. Watching a young player come through the ranks in a club, his love for the club growing in his heart can be great, there’s no doubt about it. With an ultimate goal of growing up together, understanding each other and becoming a trophy winning team. 

The problem with this strategy is if no trophies are one, players will begin to leave. Apart from the money side of things players want to win trophies. If they can’t win trophies with their current club they will seek success elsewhere.  Experienced players will leave, youngsters coming through and the cycle just continues.

Unless, something changes soon. Players need to be brought in and brought in fast. The squad need a lot of depth added to it, there are many players, but not enough world class players.  What happens is if no players are added to the current squad and we don’t win anything this season or next, I fear we will have to say goodbye to some of our stars. 

As young as players like Jack and Ramsey are now, they will want to win trophies; their ambitions will outgrow the ambitions of the club and Arsenal cannot just watch that happen. 

A new period of success may just be around the corner for Arsenal, but only if Wenger and the board are going to go against what has been set up a few years ago and change the policy. The club need to show everyone, rivals and fans included, that they mean business and that they are ready to put in a good challenge for the title. 

Otherwise Arsenal will turn into the famous youth academy that produces and develops players for other clubs to buy. The club, and Wenger, are at a cross roads and it really is make or break time for the club…

Written by Michael Garcia.

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