Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Eboue, Enrique, Technology & More

As the players continue their training in Germany and get ready for the new season, plenty is going on behind the scenes at the club as we look to strengthen and get rid of weak links in the first and reserve team squad.

The latest news is on Eboue, who looks set to join Turkish club Galatasaray in a £4 million deal. Eboue, like Cesc missed our Malaysian tour with the excuse of "injury" and his replacement on the tour - new signing Carl Jenkinson - impressed Wenger. With Jenkinson under 21, he could free up a place in our Premier League squad for any additions we do make.

Although he has never been the greatest player, and has made countless mistakes for Arsenal, I am sure he will be sorely missed if he manages to agree terms with the Turkish side. The love for the club, as well as his mentality to come back from the taunts of the crowd show he is a great man, if not a great player.

The Mail reports that, after his recent twitter outburst, Jose Enrique is almost certain to leave Newcastle this summer, with Arsenal and Liverpool most interested in the 25 year old Spaniard. However, given Arsene's recent comments about Gibbs and Traore, i'm not sure whether we will end up signing a left back this summer, even if Enrique - a proven Premier league player - is available at a cut-down price.

Also in the mail, it looks like we've missed out on Santi Cazorla as he looks set to join the Qatari owned Malaga in an £18 million pound deal. If we were  interested in Cazorla, then i'm sure we were only waiting for the transfer of Cesc to Barcelona to go through be fore making our move. As it turns out they have yet again stalled and stalled, meaning we may have missed out on a main target this summer.

More bad news shows that Valencia are unwilling to sell their star player Juan Mata this summer. The club President Manuel Llorente said:
'The decision is clear and money will not change our position. Valencia will not sell to any club that wants to buy Mata.'
Seems pretty conclusive from that statement, although Presidents are renowned for their trustworthiness. I would love Mata at the club this summer if we needed a Cesc or Nasri replacement as he has the potential to grow into one of the world great players. Something tells me we haven't heard the last of this transfer though, and we haven't missed out on the Spaniard just yet.

Another possible replacement for Fabregas, or Nasri (as at least one of them is certain to leave Arsenal this summer) could be James McCarthy of Wigan. Wenger has admired the young midfielder for a while now and if he receives a large budget form the sales of key players he could make the Wigan midfielder and Arsenal player by the end of the summer. This one could possibly go through, although the success of the midfield three of Wilshere, Ramsey and Song in pre-season probably rules this rumor out, for now at least.  

On the Nasri transfer, the player loved by Arsenal fans Patrice Evra has been at his usual antics again. Why can't he just shut up for once and keep his stupid cunty mouth closed. It annoys me that he seems to always mention Arsenal in every press conference he conducts and is just obsessed with the little prince too.

Lastly, it seems like FIFA - the ever respectable organisation running football - have blocked Arsenal form using goal line technology in the forthcoming Emirates Cup matches. It seems to like they are just scared of it being implicated as it will be such a success. I just don't understand why they don't want to improve the game and rid it of some of the injustices that us fans have to endure.

Anyway, more to come on our incoming defenders and Nasri and Cesc's futures soon.


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