Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Transfers- People going mad for Mata

Sill not a lot has happened regarding transfer,  even after all the rumours and supposed "knowledge" that people have shared. Gervinho and other may well be on their way to the Emirates, but everything is dragging out and taking forever, which is more than frustrating for our impatient fans, especially since our rivals are doing their business very quickly. But over the last few years we've always taken forever to conclude transfers, and I suppose there's nothing much we can do about it anyway.

Yesterday people seemed taken aback by the "news" that we'd probably sell Fabregas 'for the right price.' To be honest, i don't think that this is any different at all form what we've already known. As I've said before, Cesc will go if Barca pay the 45-55 million that he is worth (though in my opinion I would like at least 60) but if they continue to insult us with stupid offers of 27million then they can do one.

All these talks of striking and what not is just ludicrous, Fabregas loves Arsenal and will continue to show this club the respect we deserve and in fact the only reason he may leave is because he love Barcelona that little bit more than us.

There was also new transfer speculation regarding Juan Mata, a fantastic player who has just come off the back of an excellent European u-21 tournament. Apparently we tracked him in January, but were put off by a large fee, but now we are monitoring his situation along with several other teams.

The little creative Spaniard is touted to leave for about £20 million pounds, but with a bidding war seemingly about to start, it may take 25-30 to take him to the Emirates, which may make it quite unlikely. Another major factor is in no hurry to leave Valencia which was revealed today.

The Ricardo Alvarez speculation heightened as well this weekend after the Palermo president claimed he had already signed for us. The classy attacking midfielder is a good player but is he worth the 12 million pounds we're likely to pay for him? And do we really need another attacking midfielder/ winger at the club?

Before today we weren't even being linked with any defender, midfielders or even strikers - which are probably the most needed positions this summer. Though we have just been linked to Arturo Vidal, a tidy Chilean holding midfielder and again with Gary Cahil, a player I rate higher than Samba, although he'll probably cost more.

I'll keep you updated if any more news happens, which hopefully won't be too far away.

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