Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Round up- Property, Shares and Transfers Galore

Sorry for not posting in a while, but in my defence not a lot has happened. I even had to take a break from twitter after tiring of people 'inside scoops' and 'knowledge' for sources which was simply not true. But, i'm back now with the highlights of the weeks news.

Firstly regarding our budget which seems to have been significantly increased due to a new property deal which has been secured, and over the next few years could gain us something in the region of £128 million. This summer though, it can boost our budget by a reported £25 million - or half a Torres. This should bring our budget to around £40-50 million but I only expect Wenger to spend around 30, unless he sees something very special.

Those of you thinking that the ongoing battle for ownership of Arsenal had finished after Kroenke's takeover seem to be wrong. Usmanov seems intent on increasing his holding and gaining more power at the club, just yesterday he increased his shares to over 29% and he doesn't seem like he's about to stop.

The main news of the past week has been the releasing of the fixture list, and we have a tricky start with fixtures against Newcastle (a) before a Liverpool (h) match sandwiched between two Champions League qualifiers, then an unforgiving task of going to Old Trafford to try and take point off the Champions - who only dropped two points at home last season. Anyway, we have to play everyone and we have started well in recent season. Hopefully we'll have 9 points and a group stage CL place by the end of August, but in football you cannot predict anything.

Onto the transfer rumours and we have seen a lot of funny ones this week. The notorious thug Joey Barton to Arsenal was my favorite, closely followed by Defoe to Arsenal. I mean, where do they get this stuff? I know there's not a lot of news about at the moment but surely they could just make a nice little Wimbledon article instead of making up total rubbish. But the English press are nowhere near as bad as the Spanish.

Only in Spain does the same paper publish two different, contrasting articles on a story. But Sport manged to say that Cesc was about to leave Arsenal, whilst at the same time publish comments for Sandro Rossell basically stating the Cesc will stay. The Barcelona president has been saying that they will not offer more than around 30 million euros, which is pretty insulting to us, and Cesc himself when they are about to go and spend 40 million plus on Alexis Sanchez.

Sanchez may be very 'exciting' but he's nowhere near as experienced or as good as Cesc who has 7 years at the top level now, much more than Sanchez. What people fail to realise is that we are happy to sell Fabregas if the right money comes in, but continuously Barca try these petty games trying to lower the price. But things are quite simple indeed; bid 50 million and he is yours Barca, bid less then Fuck off.

Apparently we are very close to sealing Gervinho who had a good year in securing the French title for Lille last season. I know he's not the big name that everyone is hoping for but if this does go through we will be getting a good player who can get goals and assists on a regular basis. Here is a video of him in action.

The Samba deal seems to be being scuppered due to a release clause or something, but (unlike Fabregas this year) Samba has said he wants to leave. The massive Congolese defender again isn't a big name we want, but he can offer a change to our current defenders and is a real leader. He may not be starting in big games, though in those hard away trips up north he will give the defence and keeper a great deal of help. Personally i'd prefer Cahill, but we are unlikely to pay £17million for a player in the last year of his contract - only City would do that - so the deal has gone a bit cold. 

Lastly, Vieira has left City and is rumored to be in line with a return to us as a coach. It would be great to have his winning spirit and attitude around the training ground and he can teach a lot to all of our players. City also want to take him on as a coach though and with their millions available, we don't know what will happen, but i'd love Vieira back around the place and i'm sure most Gooners do too.

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