Monday, 15 October 2012

Start of the transfer rumours - Lopez & Zaha

As the winter weather edges closer, it feels as if its been months since this international break first started. I can't remember the last Arsenal game, and the lack of proper news is really starting to get to me. What's interesting is that many of the papers have run out of well thought out stories and have turned their attentions to the upcoming transfer window, and the infamous war-chest is being dragged out by Ivan.

Instead of yesteryears links with numerous defenders every window, these days we're linked with strikers. And not just strikers but wingers too. A bit like what Walcott is, and its probably because of the haziness surrounding his contract situation that there are so many names being branded about.

Over the weekend, we were linked with Athletico striker Lopez, who managed an impressive 19 goals last term. The 24 year old is a pacy attacker, and has made leaps ad bounds since his transfer to Atletico Madrid last summer. His excellent form earned him a senior call up, as well as a place in their Olympics squad. With the financial issues surrounding the Madrid club right now, and his own contract issues to deal with, we may be able to pick up another Spanish international at real bargain value here.

Also there have been loose links with Abel Hernandez of Palermo, Isco of Malaga and even the fiery Colombian striker Radamel Falcao. That last one is surely taken with a pinch of salt, and highlights that the papers may just be putting two and two together and coming up with 5, or in this case 9.

A possible addition may be Crystal Palace and under 21 prospect Wilfred Zaha, who has really stepped up his game this season. The 19 year old has been closely monitored by many of the countries' top clubs since his debut in the 09/10 season, and subsequent breakthrough the year later.

He has some very raw, yet extraordinary talent, with that great mixture of pace and skill that any manager would give their left arm for. And this season he has added an end product. 4 goals in his last two games is no mean feat, and was rewarded with an under 21 call up. With the price tag being around £10 million, Arsene is certainly no stranger to that kind of deal, with similar prices spent on Theo and Alex. But does Zaha have the talent of that The Ox does? Or is he more Connor Wickham than Victor Moses. I suppose we'll see.

More to follow soon.

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